5 Ways Good Leaders Can Digitally Disrupt

While there’s no crystal ball to tell the digital future, one thing is for certain: Digital disruption is only accelerating. Some industries have changed seemingly overnight with the introduction of new technological advances that are putting pressure on organizations to become more innovative, nimble and agile in their approach to doing business.

When organizations explore ways to digitally innovate, it is easy to jump straight to high-tech digital tools and the latest processes. However, there is one critical factor that is often an afterthought, and that is the people and their willingness to change. After years working with clients and leading my own organization, I can tell you firsthand that transforming employee attitudes and behavior is often the missing ingredient required for a successful digital transformation. In fact, in a joint study conducted by MIT and Deloitte, it was found that the key differentiator between companies that achieve successful digital transformation and those who don’t is a strategy to build an organizational culture where leaders and employees embrace change.

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